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Innovation is at the heart of RegulationPartners’ preoccupations

Regulation Partners Innovation SLU is a subsidiary of the Regulation Partners group based in Lanzarote (Canary Islands). This subsidiary is dedicated to new technologies, especially artificial intelligence. Our goal is to develop tools that are adapted to the technological évolutions, allowing financial institutions to meet reglementary expectations while optimizing their resources thanks to AI.

We have developed partnerships with several universities and research laboratories on the impact of artificial intelligence, particularly in terms of legal and compliance issues. Our data scientists team works everyday to develop systems which would be able to optimize compliance processes and control systems, thus allowing our clients to limit non-compliance risks.

Our offer

Regulation Partners Innovation SLU’s offers

Regulation Parntners offers its clients to set up AI technologies which will allow them to optimize compliance processes and systems, as well as internal control. For example,, KYC (Know Your Customer) processes will be simplified thanks to automatation, which will reduce the amount of time necessary to the verification of clients’ identity.

Regulation Partners Innovation SLU guarantees its clients control capacity’s improvement, as well as the quality and reliability of its services. We train and support our clients during the whole AI tools governance set up process and during the introduction of said tools within the organization. We also host conferences and training about AI in order to analyze its impact, particularly on the banking and financial sector. Other uses of Artificial Intelligence, such as cybersecurity are currently being developped.

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