Regulation Partners is a consultancy firm specialized in sectors such as banking and financial regulation and risk management. We advise any type of regulated institutions, from authorization files to delegated international audit… We also operate in credit, payment and electronic currency institutions, asset management and financing companies as well as mutual and insurance companies on strategic missions linked to the development of new regulations. We also help intermediaries (IOBSP, IAS, CIF, CIP, IFP) put in place adapted measures which are applicable to them.

We intervene in very various missions thanks to a wide area of expertise. 

As a training organization declared to the Prefect of the Ile de France region and referenced in the DataDock, we regularly inform on themes linked to risks and regulation.

Regulation Partners helps you to design a coherent and risk-based strategy in advance of regulatory developments

The firm has been demonstrating its efficiency since its creation by Marie-Agnès Nicolet in 2011.

Our experts have a wide range of expertise on regulatory issues affecting banking and financial services: risk management, governance, anti-money laundering (AML), compliance, fight against fraud and corruption, business practices, solvency and liquidity standards, preventive building plans, customers data protection, payment services (PSD 2) and investment services (MIFID 2)…

We also help Fintechs and start-ups operating in the financial industry to comply with the specific regulatory framework for their development.


We regularly organize conferences on themes directly linked to current events and regulation evolutions. We also intervene in others conferences in order to share and compare our experience. This is an opportunity for you to meet, listen and interact with personalities of recognized expertise in your area of interest.


In order to train banking and financial teams, management and administrators, we regularly organize training courses on various themes while always adapting contents to profession and regulation evolutions. 

Our training course calendar is adapted to your needs. We propose monthly training courses on specific themes taken from our program available in an intra-company form which will be adapted to your activity. 

The training course themes are as diverse as our area of expertise. We adapt ourselves to your activity and your needs.

We have an e-learning tool which allows us to provide training courses in a different format.


We ensure a daily and constant regulatory monitoring. The annual subscription allows you an access to the database gathering all texts and their summaries. These are studied and analysed by our experts. The subscription also allows you to receive regular (monthly or quarterly) reports on regulation evolutions. 


Compliance and internal control require adequate tools to face techological evolutions. The goal of those new tools is to allow financial institutions to set up suited systems to lessen non-compliance risks (AML/CFT, fight against fraud, internal control) and to meet regulatory expectations while optimizing resources.

In this sense, Regulation Partners sets up algorithms that use machine learning techniques, firstly to automate the analyzes of legal texts in the context of our regulatory watch offer but also for other projects about the classification of false AML/CFT alert or automated KYC controls as well as the automation of other compliance controls.

Regulation Partners offers tools based on artificial intelligence to optimize the processes and systems of compliance and internal control. We also support our clients while the set the tools up.

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